THE 6th
(ICERI) 2018
Yogyakarta, August 30 - 31, 2018
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Theme : 
Improving the Quality of Educational Research and Innovation towards the 21st Century Industrialization Era.
About the Conference

Social and economic changes are social realities that keep occurring in the life of the world’s society. These changes are triggered by the development of technology and information which brings impacts to the country’s development process. A country is categorized as a developing country if, in achieving the goals of the development, it is able to balance what has been achieved in the implemented development so most of the goals, both the physical and non-physical ones, are realized. Industrialization continues in the life of the world’s society. It is marked with the process of socioeconomic changes transforming the system of agricultural society into that of industrial one. Industrialization has changed the society’s life to be focused on the occupations which become more specialised and offer higher earnings. In the meantime the changes in the human’s philosophy which gives more emphasis on the rationality of acting based on the consideration, efficiency, as well as estimation, and not on only moral, emotion, habits, and traditions anymore also occurs. The industrialization era of the 21st century can create polarization where humans become smart, technologically advanced, and highly paid. However, on the other side, humans become dry in terms of morality and good values in their life. Indonesia, as a country which is based on Pancasila (Five Principles), in facing the industrialisation era is demanded to stay in its principles as a country with religiosity, humanity, unity, democracy, social justice.  Indonesia should be able to show itself as a developed country in the development of technology and industry despite the fact that it should stay elegant and moral.

In the industrialization era universities play a very important and strategic role. Universities as centres for the development of science and technology are demanded to become the main sources and references for the development of the industrial society.It is in line with the Three Pillars of Universities, namely teaching, research, and community services. Improving the quality of local wisdom-based education through research innovation becomes a must so that the children of the nation as the product of education become smart individuals who are not uprooted from their noble culture. Research which consitutes the generator of the universities’ dynamics, will show its quality when the research findings can be references or bases for the growth of new industries followed by social, economic, and educational policies which can create a dignified society.

The universities’ responses in supporting the industrialization must be made optimum to achieve the country’s development goals. So far the research findings of universities, research institutes, schools, and practitioners have not been optimally utilized to lead the growth of industry and dignified society yet. The research findings only end at the scientific publication and do not continue to contribute any real benefits to the changing process of the industrial society yet. Therefore, in the sixth International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation (6th ICERI) on August 30 and 31, 2018  improving the quality of educational research and innovation in the industrialization era in the 21st century will be discussed.Various  findings of research on education and applied research will be presented in the International Conference on Educational Reseacrh and Innovation (ICERI) 2018 by academics, researchers, practitioners, bureaucrats, teachers, and university students.  This forum will contribute innovative thoughts and proactive strategies to improve the society’ life systematically and sustainably as the proofs of the findings of more qualified educational research and innovation.

The 6th International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI) 2018 is aimed at spreading lecturers, researchers, and teachers’ ideas, experience, and research findings to improve the quality of research for discovering and developing knowledge.


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